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If you have been involved in a drunk driving incident, we advise that you contact our experienced DUI attorneys as soon as possible. You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to contact the DMV and schedule a hearing, or your license will be automatically suspended. We offer free case evaluations and we will honestly and accurately assess your case - no false promises. Call Lipow & Harris today at: (818) 905-0507.

Being arrested on suspicion of a DUI in Los Angeles, California, is a serious criminal charge. The penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction in California can include paying large fines and court fees, having your auto insurance premiums raised or your policy canceled, and losing your driver's license and spending time in jail. The consequences increase if there was an accident or physical harm caused by drunk driving.

Free Case Evaluations

A DUI in California should not be taken lightly or ignored. Before the quality of your life is severely damaged, you need to speak with one of our experienced DUI attorneys. Contact the Los Angeles DUI Attorneys of Lipow & Harris for immediate help and a free consultation by filling out the form to the right or calling (818) 905-0507.

Recent DUI Case Results:

-- Client charged with 2nd DUI. After hung jury at trial, pled to speeding charge.

-- Client brew .13 and .14 on breathalyzer machine. Lipow & Harris established that machine was not properly calibrated, and case was dismissed.

-- Client charged with second DUI facing mandatory jail time and 18 months of alcohol school. Lipow & Harris was able to prove a defect in the plea to the first DUI which was thrown out. Client able to plead to a first time DUI.

-- Client made 4 attempts on a breathalyzer machine which did not register, and was charged wit hDUI and refusing to take a blood alcohol test. Lipow & Harris showed that machine had inconsistencies during month prioer to client's arrest, and case was plea bargained for reckless driving

-- Client charged with DUI after accident. Client claimed was a passenger, not driver of the vehicle. Case went to trial and jury found client not guilty.

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