Sexual Harassment Discrimination

Sexual harassment is a legal form of sex discrimination that, sadly, affects thousands of people in the workforce every year. While sexual harassment is a term that many of us have frequently heard, its definition is often lost in obscurity. For example, offhand remarks and innocent behavior such as asking an employee out on a date are generally not considered sexual harassment. Rather, sexual harassment occurs when sexually suggestive talk, advances, pictures, touch and humor unreasonably interfere with work performance, create a hostile work environment or affect an individual's employment. It is a serious offense that disrupts the workplace and holds serious consequences for those found guilty.

While sexual harassment may be subtle and psychological, it may also be overt and physical. When sexual harassment turns to sexual assault or battery it is imperative to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Victims of sexual battery should contact an experienced Los Angeles attorney to pursue legal action for the compensation and peace of mind they need.

If you believe that you are a victim of sexual harassment, it is important to follow your company's grievance process and alert an attorney of your situation. Employers have a duty to maintain a safe work environment that is free from sexual harassment and may not retaliate against individuals who report incidences of sexual harassment. If you lose your job as a result of reporting sexual harassment, you may be able to seek additional legal damages for wrongful termination.

At the law offices of Lipow & Harris, our sexual harassment lawyers in Encino, Los Angeles have the experience needed to prove difficult sexual harassment claims. While direct evidence may be difficult to obtain, we will help you properly document your experience and obtain pertinent witness testimony to build your case. If you have experienced unwelcome advances or demands for sexual favors from a co-worker or manager, please contact us at (818) 905-0507 for a free consultation.